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Shelby Pate

Research Specialist


Shelby Pate serves as a Research Specialist at the National Association for Athletes' Mental Health (NAAMH), bringing a strong academic background with a BS in Community Health from Texas A&M University and an MS in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas at Tyler. Certified in Mental Health First Aid by the National Council of Mental Wellbeing, Shelby is dedicated to reshaping the cultural landscape of sports to prioritize mental health and well-being. Her mission involves conducting groundbreaking research to identify and address mental health challenges within the athletic community, advocating for accessible care and resources, and fostering environments where athletes feel supported and empowered to manage their mental health effectively, thereby enhancing their overall performance on and off the field.

Professionally, Shelby aims to continually advance in the mental health field through ongoing learning, individual practice, and active participation in professional organizations. She seeks to create safe spaces where individuals can find solace and understanding, particularly during life's most challenging moments. Personally, Shelby is committed to personal growth, cultivating meaningful connections, and finding joy in the simple pleasures of life.

With a background in tennis and volleyball, Shelby's passion for sports extends to both playing and watching. She finds particular enjoyment in playing volleyball while also relishing the nuances of baseball and tennis as a spectator. Shelby's multifaceted dedication to mental health advocacy and her personal interests in sports make her a valuable asset to NAAMH's mission of promoting mental well-being in athletes nationwide.

Shelby Pate

Motivational Quote

There is more to people than we often see.

-Shelby Pate

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