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NAAMH History

Strength in Mind

The National Association for Athletes' Mental Health was founded in 2021 as part of Jorden O'Neal's Sports Management Program at Long Beach State University, which she attended from 2019 to 2021. Motivated by her personal experiences and a commitment to supporting others, O'Neal established the organization to ensure that no one else would face similar challenges without adequate support. Her master's program focused on mental health, culminating in her capstone project, "Elite Mindset," a melting pot for mental health resources for athletes. NAAMH aims to be the premier resource for athletes' mental health, providing comprehensive support and services to promote well-being and success.



July 2021

Founding Date

In July of 2021, the National Association for Athletes' Mental Health was founded. The association was conceived by founder Jorden O'Neal as part of her Master's program capstone project. O'Neal envisioned a business that would serve as a one-stop shop, providing athletes with the mental health resources they need to succeed. Shortly thereafter, the non-profit National Association for Athletes' Mental Health originated.


Breaking Ground

In late 2023, O'Neal began making significant progress on the association. After a period of gaining valuable work experience and knowledge, she realized her true passion lies in NAAMH. Consequently, O'Neal resumed her efforts with renewed focus, dedicating herself to developing the organization's bylaws and foundation.


Foundational Development

& Services

In 2024, the NAAMH began onboarding staff and hosted its first-ever virtual event, the Athletes Are Human Forum. This year also marked the launch of their inaugural campaign, the "Us Too" Movement, and plans for a high school assembly tour in the latter half of the year. 2024 is a foundational year for NAAMH, establishing the groundwork for its future initiatives.

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