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Marketing & Communications Manager

United States

Job Type

Part Time





About the Role

The National Association for Athletes' Mental Health (NAAMH) is dedicated to supporting and advocating for the mental well-being of athletes at all levels. We are seeking an experienced and strategic Volunteer Marketing & Communications Manager to join our team. This role is crucial in developing internal processes and structures to enhance our marketing and communication efforts, ensuring our mission and initiatives reach a broad audience.

As the Volunteer Marketing & Communications Manager, you will lead and organize our marketing and communications team, establishing efficient workflows and strategies that align with our organizational goals. Your expertise will help shape the way we engage with our community, stakeholders, and the public.

Job Function
Strategy Development: Create and implement comprehensive marketing and communications strategies to advance NAAMH’s mission and increase visibility.
Team Leadership: Lead and manage a team of volunteers, providing guidance, support, and professional development opportunities.
Process Improvement: Develop and refine internal processes and structures for the marketing and communications team to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
Content Creation: Oversee the creation of high-quality content for various platforms, including web, social media, email, and print materials.
Campaign Management: Plan and execute marketing campaigns, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and timely delivery.
Brand Management: Ensure consistency in messaging and branding across all communication channels and materials.
Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with internal teams, partners, and stakeholders to promote NAAMH’s initiatives and events.
Analytics and Reporting: Monitor and analyze the performance of marketing and communication efforts, providing regular reports and recommendations for improvement.
Trends and Best Practices: Stay informed about the latest marketing and communication trends, tools, and best practices to keep our strategies current and effective.


  • Education: Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, or a related field.

  • Experience: At least 5 years of experience in marketing and communications, preferably within a non-profit, health, or sports organization.

  • Leadership Skills: Proven experience in leading and managing teams, with a strong ability to mentor and motivate team members.

  • Strategic Thinking: Demonstrated ability to develop and implement effective marketing and communication strategies.

  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in marketing and communication tools and platforms, including social media management tools, email marketing software, and content management systems (CMS).

  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to create compelling content and articulate ideas clearly.

  • Project Management: Strong project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines effectively.

  • Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze data and metrics to measure the success of marketing and communication efforts and make data-driven decisions.

  • Creativity: A creative mindset with the ability to think outside the box and develop innovative marketing solutions.

  • Passion: A genuine passion for mental health advocacy and a commitment to supporting athletes' mental well-being.

  • Adaptability: Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and work both independently and as part of a team.

About the Company

Founded in 2021, the National Association for Athletes' Mental Health is a driving force in ​revolutionizing how we perceive and address mental health in sports.

Mission: Enhance athletes’ ment​al health across all ages through research, policy development, education, advocacy, and resource prov​ision.
Vision: A nation where athletes have the mental health resources ​to triumph on and off the playing field, unlocking ​boundless potential and resilience.
Values: Education, Inclusivity, Integrity, Collaboration & Innovation

Join us in reshaping the narrative and enhancing mental well-being for athletes across the nation.

Equal Opportunity Employer: NAAMH is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on
the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national
origin, age, genetic information, disability, or veteran status. We are committed to creating a diverse
and inclusive work environment where all employees are valued, respected, and empowered to
contribute to our mission.

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