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Avion Howard

Marketing Specialist


Avion Howard brings a robust academic background with a BS in Psychology from Kennesaw State University (2023) to his role as Marketing Coordinator at the National Association for Athletes' Mental Health (NAAMH). His mission is to contribute innovative ideas that propel NAAMH's global mission forward, advocating for mental health support for athletes worldwide. Avion is passionate about leveraging his marketing expertise to build communities, forge valuable relationships, develop resources, and spearhead impactful campaigns that position NAAMH as a leading voice in the mental health conversation within the athletic community. This role not only allows him to showcase his skills but also aligns with his deep-seated commitment to a cause he cares deeply about.

Avion's primary life goal is to write a book on finding life's purpose, drawing from his ongoing journey of self-improvement and continuous learning. He is actively developing his writing skills through articles on personal development topics such as motivation and happiness. His experience at NAAMH provides invaluable insights that will contribute to shaping the core ideas of his future book. Professionally, Avion aspires to become a Social Media Director for prominent mental health organizations like BetterHelp, Calm, or NAMI. He is dedicated to advancing his career by pursuing social media courses, staying abreast of marketing trends, and gaining hands-on experience to broaden his skill set. His role at NAAMH serves as a pivotal step towards achieving these aspirations, providing a platform to make a meaningful impact and pave the way for future growth in the mental health sector.

Avion's athletic background includes participation in baseball and track and field, with a particular fondness for watching track and field events. Outside of his professional pursuits, he enjoys interviewing individuals to uncover unique stories about human potential and growth, reflecting his passion for understanding and promoting personal development.

Avion Howard

Motivational Quote

Never live in anyone else’s expectation. Live for yourself for you are the only you there is or ever will be.

Avion Howard

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